More and more businesses from very different sectors are trusting in the services we offer from our company Pimeg, in which we always guarantee quality, safety, savings and durability in all the products and services we offer, that is largely the reason why so many companies trust us, but it is not the only reason, but one of the main reasons for this fact is the continuity of our services.

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    We are national manufacturers of overhead cranes. We manufacture, install and repair.

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    When we talk about the continuity of our services, we mean that we not only offer you a quality product, but that we go much further and take care of offering an after-sales service in which we take care, among other things, of the maintenance of the crane bridges.

    This service is highly valued by all our clients, since they can count on us for any unforeseen event, and in this way avoid wasting time and money, since we offer our solutions in less than 24 hours, so you will get a quick solution and of quality in the face of any type of problem, such as breakdowns, which is usually one of the main problems for which we must start up our maintenance service for overhead cranes.

    In addition, we offer a very wide coverage, with which you can enjoy our services throughout the national territory, wherever you are and regardless of the sector in which you are working, whether in the plastics, rubber, or iron sectors. , food or any other.

    We must also add that for the maintenance of a bridge crane, it does not matter what type it is, since we have a long experience that allows us to be able to take charge of any type, be it monorail, double rail or process.

    Our purpose is to cover and solve all the problems that our clients may have and be able to help them in order to increase our large list of satisfied clients. Today, we are fortunate that this list continues to grow and that more and more companies are recommending us and coming to us whenever they need it.

    This is largely thanks to the great trajectory we have within this sector, offering the best solutions, and also thanks to the fact that we have a great team made up of very complete professionals, who have all the knowledge and all the capacities to carry out the work we carry out, such as the maintenance of the overhead cranes, in this way, if you want more information about this service, do not hesitate to contact our company located in Sabadell.