At PIMEG Puente Grúa we understand the importance of your business having reliable and fully functioning equipment. If any of your machinery is not in perfect condition, this translates into lower productivity and losses, so we have a staff of professionals in bridge crane repair.

Through preventive maintenance and repairs, minor or major, we ensure that your equipment is safe and efficient at all times.

For the repair of overhead cranes we put at your disposal the best experts for electrical or mechanical tasks, who carry out detailed evaluations, where they finalize the state of the machinery and the actions to be taken into account. For the repair of overhead cranes we have a 24-hour service that ensures efficient and ideal service for any business.

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    We are national manufacturers of overhead cranes. We manufacture, install and repair.

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    Years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers are the best guarantee that PIMEG Puente Crane is the best option for the repair of crane bridges, attending to the specific needs in each case and carrying out diagnoses, estimates and repairs of the highest quality. We create a work plan for the repair of crane bridges according to your needs, so as not to affect your production and finish the job in the shortest possible time.

    The PIMEG Puente Grúa team has the necessary knowledge and qualifications for repairs or changes of parts, with knowledge of all the brands present in the market. We offer the equipment, personnel and parts necessary for the repair of overhead cranes.

    We work with all types of overhead cranes, hoists, gantries, self-erecting cranes, hoists or tower cranes that require structural, painting, mechanical or electrical repairs, keeping the machinery in perfect condition and extending its useful life.

    In addition, the comprehensive repair service for overhead cranes offered by PIMEG Puente Grúa not only ensures the correct operation of the machinery, but also provides the peace of mind of working in a safe space for all personnel.

    We have the most advanced equipment that, together with the experience of PIMEG Puente Grúa, form the perfect combination for a first-rate service.

    Among the different options we offer for the repair of overhead cranes are scheduled preventive maintenance, correction of minor breakdowns, emergency care, mechanical or electrical work, among others. All processes are carried out in compliance with current regulations and relevant security measures.

    Whether you are looking for a company that takes care of periodic inspections or repair of overhead crane in case of breakdowns, do not hesitate to contact us to give you the personalized attention you deserve, creating the right plan for your business, with guarantee and competitive prices. Trust the best, always dedicated to customizing their services for each client.